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Gregg Gator Chomp Stomp 5k
Posted on 05/01/2017
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Gregg Gator Chomp Stomp 5k

1.pngDr. Brown is sponsoring the Gregg Gator Chomp Stomp 5k this year hosted by Hugh Gregg Elementary School.   This event will take place on Friday, June 2nd at 6:30 pm.  The first place finisher in each age group will receive a $50 Dick's Sporting Goods gift card and water bottle compliments of Dr. Brown!  There will also be a 1 mile race, live band, and food.  Don't miss out on this great family event!  

Additional information and registration:;=icalrepeat.detail&evid;=1033&Itemid;=53&year;=2017&month;=06&day;=02&title;=gregg-gator-chomp-stomp-5k&uid;=1a0e5e93f8010b1b8bae3b8bf1a0071e