COVID Update


COVID Office Update:

We hope this notice finds you all healthy and well!
As many of you know, Governor Cuomo of NY has extended his stay at home mandate for nonessential services through May 15th. The 
only essential dental services allowable during this time are for emergency services.
Therefore, our offices are remaining closed until further notice. 
If you have an appointment scheduled between now and when we reopen, we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule. 
Please avoid calling to reschedule as this will help us to manage the overall appointment calendar in a systematic approach.
Dr. Brown is reviewing each patient’s treatment status and upcoming appointments, 
which will allow us to get you all taken care of in a timely manner depending on your needs. 
As we prepare to reopen, check back for updates here and on our social media 
forums for all the changes and adjustments to our usual routines!
Facebook- @DrBrownsSmiles   and Instagram- melissabrownorthodontics
Again, Dr. Brown is available to navigate any concerns you may have during our office closure. 
You can reach her via e-mail [email protected] or at (607) 973-0174.  
We miss you all and look forward to working with you again as soon as we can!! 
Keep your heads up and your smiles on! Be well and stay healthy!😊❤️ 🌈 #drbrownssmiles

Still Smiling-
Dr. Brown & Team